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How To Export & Import Epicor Personalizations

Epicor provides the ability for users to personalize their program screens to add or simplify functionality. In addition users can export their personalizations as either a backup or to share with others. Others can then import the personalization file and adopt that personalization. Please note that personalization importing OVERWRITES anyRead More

Epicor Paste Insert Feature

To facilitate getting data imported into Epicor end masse and quickly, Epicor provides a ‘Paste Insert’ feature into List Views. This way users can copy & Paste Insert data from a spreadsheet into Epicor. This can reduce redundant data entry and speed data entry when done correctly. In this example we will Paste Insert intoRead More

Epicor Insights 2017: Nashville

Next week is Insights, the Annual Epicor Customer Conference in Nashville, a great time for education, product announcements and networking.  I will be in attendance and will be leading two customer sessions for one of my clients, Rowmark.  I look forward to networking with as many of you as possible. Read More

How To Configure Intermec CK3’s For Epicor

While working full-time for two of my clients I needed to procure, test, setup and deploy handheld units for use with Epicor 9.05 and later Epicor 10.  After working with our Intermec partner with demo’s and working with end users in both cases we settled on the Intermec CK3.  ThereRead More

How Can I Help You Get Aligned?

Over the last 10 years in working with Epicor software, starting with Vantage 8.03 and most recently Epicor 10, I have experienced many challenges with getting the ERP software to align with the business it is supposed to serve.  The most common challenges were User Training, Business Process, System PerformanceRead More

Open For Business: Accepting New Clients!

Today, April 3, 2017, is the first day of Aligned Solutions Consulting! Getting started I have a few clients, but I have plenty of availability for more! With over ten years of experience specializing in Epicor software, SQL, Solution Design & Project Management and many IT tools and software packages, bringingRead More

Printing From Epicor

How Does Epicor Printing Work? Select Report Options Submit Print Task Epicor Server Task Agent retrieves the report data to a data file or SSRS Report database on the server. Epicor Client System Monitor checks your server user directory or SSRS Report database for the file to arrive. Upon arrival the Epicor Client retrievesRead More

BPMs & Data Directives Row State: Updated Row vs Changed Row

If you are new to the Epicor Technical Tools you may have run into the quandary when working with a condition or one of the Setter widgets when trying to choose between ‘the updated row’ and ‘the changed row.’  What is the difference and when should you use each? AddedRead More

Epicor 101: Grid/List View Tools

Epicor provides per user (Personalizations) Grid/List View Tools to ease data readability and data analysis in Grid/List Views that are included in each program within the Epicor Application.  The following Grid/List View Tools are covered in this document: Moving  & Adjusting Columns Adding & Hiding Columns Summary Options Group ByRead More

Epicor Job Auto Receive Hierarchy

Following is the hierarchy used for the Auto Receive Into Inventory function. Every part requires that a default warehouse (default comes from the company configuration but can be overridden or added to in the part master). In addition, every warehouse is required to have at least one bin associated withRead More

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